The most beautiful

flowers grow on the

edge of the abyss

At HIVE, we are convinced that at the edge of the abyss, the most beautiful flowers grow and the most spectacular view can be found. This metaphor symbolizes pushing the boundaries of design, material choice, and technology without compromising on quality. Exploring these limits is at the core of our vision to provide the world with perfect outdoor kitchens.

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HIVE, short for 'Beehive', a place where it's pleasantly bustling and buzzing with activity. A place where teamwork, togetherness, and gathering are at the core. Exactly the kind of place your outdoor kitchen should be too.




HIVE originated as a further development of an existing product, the de HNYGRLL. The HNYGRLL is a design barbecue where the honeycomb plays a central role in the design. From the practical need of customers to create workspace around their HNYGRLL, the first HIVE outdoor kitchen was developed. Each HIVE outdoor kitchen is completely customizable. Starting from the countertop finish, the options to integrate various kamados or teppanyaki griddles, different types of sinks and faucets, to the color of the cabinets. As a result, each kitchen is unique and fits perfectly into a wide variety of outdoor spaces.

Gorgeous Outdoor Kitchens

Local Entrepreneurship

and Craftsmanship

First and foremost, our goal is to create stunning outdoor kitchens where people can experience the most delightful moments. As a company, we also place great emphasis on local entrepreneurship and craftsmanship. Our kitchens are entirely produced and assembled in the Netherlands. Product flexibility is also a core value for us. The different Hive modules are designed to seamlessly connect and can be combined endlessly. Thanks to this design, the outdoor kitchen is easy to disassemble and, for instance, relocate in the event of a move or when rearranging your terrace or garden.


A wide range

of Add-ons

We understand that you want to make your outdoor moments as comfortable and enjoyable as the moments in your indoor kitchen. That's why we offer the option to equip your HIVE kitchen with a wide range of add-ons. Consider adding a teppanyaki griddle, a convenient sink with a matching faucet, or even a set of built-in cooking burners. The possibilities are endless. Add-ons in HIVE outdoor kitchens meet the same quality standards that we set for ourselves. That's why only the most prominent brands in gastronomy and kitchen equipment are considered to collaborate with us in creating a perfect end product.

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