A modular kitchen system that thinks outside the box. Form, choice of materials, and design – nothing about the HIVE outdoor kitchens is standard.

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Off the beaten path is where the most beautiful flowers grow. While the masses opt for safety, squareness, and familiarity, at HIVE, we push the boundaries. Exploring new shapes, new materials at the edge of what's technically feasible. We never lose sight of Dutch reliability. This way, we create visually captivating outdoor kitchen designs that are one-of-a-kind and built to withstand the test of time.

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Modular design

We understand better than anyone that every outdoor space and garden is unique. Each HIVE outdoor kitchen is therefore composed of different modules that are perfectly coordinated and seamlessly fit together. Faucet or no faucet? Drawers or no drawers? Composite or wooden countertop? 8 meters of kitchen or 3? While we do like to think outside the box, we have a suitable solution for every outdoor space and every barbecue.

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Dutch Design

& Dutch Made

Every HIVE outdoor kitchen is unique and designed and assembled in the Netherlands. Based on a personal conversation, your outdoor kitchen desires are mapped out, and a drawing is created. This drawing forms the foundation of your HIVE outdoor kitchen. Upon approval, all materials are ordered and customized. The assembly and finishing take place in our factory in Helmond. When your HIVE outdoor kitchen is ready for installation, we schedule an appointment, and our craftsmen come to the location to install the kitchen.

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With a HIVE outdoor kitchen, you transform every outdoor dining moment into a true experience. Discover the convenience and elegance of cooking outdoors. Place your own Green Egg or the matching HNYGRLL in the corresponding HIVE module and present your guests with the most exquisite dishes for an unforgettable evening. After all, it's all about creating special outdoor moments together.

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